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Corporate Profile

A little Background…


Indonesia offers many hidden treasures that serve as travel destinations for business travellers as well as leisure hunters. To name a few, places like TernateSorongManokwari and Jayapura, which are probably not at the top of the list of many travel agencies or even avid vacationers, but nonetheless are gems of the universe, worth exploring.

“Raja Ampat Islands” or known worldwide as ‘The Four Kings Island’ is located in Indonesia’s West Papua Province, that has been crowned as one of the top ten most popular places for diving and is ranked Number One in terms of Underwater Biodiversity. As mentioned on the “Global Edition of THE NEW YORK TIMES” article titled “Refuge, in a Once-in-a-Lifetime Place”Raja Ampat offers access to a startlingly magical world.

Besides the pristine white sandy beaches, Papua also has a rich flora and incomparable fauna, with delicious local food and fruits, ethnicity, colorful ceremonies and a taste of Indonesian style, Eco-friendly destinations.

On this note, Xpress Air established itself as a Domestic Regular Airline that offers direct flights to the Eastern parts of Indonesiawith its first leap in the year 2005. Since then, Xpress Air with its two Boeing 737s, became the first privately owned, scheduled Airline that connects Jakarta to 24 domestic destinations like Makassar (formerly known as Ujung Pandang), Ternate, Sorong, Manokwari, and Jayapura. Makassar serves as a main hub for all flights coming from Java islands to the Eastern cities of Indonesia, while Sorong serves as a second hub in Papua, connecting remote places surrounding West Papua Area.

Xpress Air is supported by PT Aero Nusantara Indonesia (ANI), a trusted Aircraft Maintenance Provider, ensuring a pledge to safety, quality and security to its passengers.

Exceptional Service; In Air or on Ground…

As an Xpress Air passenger, one can be sure to expect an exceptional level of service from the time you walk into the check-in counter until the time you are on board and finally ready to leave the aircraft. Ensuring a completely relaxedfriendly, and comfortable flying experience to our passengers is a motto shared by our entire team and crew, served through our Low CostsWelcoming SmilesComplimentary In-flight Meals and Free Baggage Costs on most flights.

Our small aircraft gives our cabin crew the opportunity to have a more personal and attentive approach to our passengers, especially so with our native aircrew that share the same language and culture to these eastern regions. On the other hand, our aircrafts are quite spacious when compared to other regional jets, where our passengers are grateful to have more room in the cabin with a generous seating space with plenty of shoulder and legroom and a full standing height of 6 feet, 2 inches (1.88m).

Running late or missed a connecting flight? Don’t worry, Xpress Air waits for its passengers during delayed transit flights, as our service knows no boundaries.

A simple but sincere vision…

Xpress Air is currently in the process of a major fleet expansion to serve more numbers of destinations along West -East Papua axis, Sulawesi, Maluku, and Nusa Tenggara region. The vision to also offer routes to the western regions has been met as Xpress Air has begun connecting people to Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Kalimantan, Pontianak and more.

The year 2012 embarked a new journey for Xpress Air with a new branding name (from Express Air to Xpress Air to represent a more modern and customer-friendly airline), a new strategy and a fresh new slogan “Terbanglah Indonesia”, holding close to its heart the same culture and tradition of a friendly airline with new, modern advancements and motivation.

Driven by a young and dynamic team, Xpress Air as a domestic carrier is aiming to turn itself into an International airline in the upcoming, near future.

Fleet Revitalization

The Dornier 328 Turbo Prop Aircraft is an advanced, German Technology Regional Turboprop Airline that offer high cruising speed and advanced systems.

The Dornier 328 is a 32 seater Turboprop that offers outstanding field performance in short runways. This strength has allowed it to step into competitive markets.

The 328 Series incorporates an all new fuselage section for three seatings in a row, that further enhances passenger comfort and choice preferences.

Cabin amenities include: A generous Baggage Storage, Large Overhead bin racks, Low Interior Noise level, a Walk-in lavatory.

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